I am passionate about Morganti Ju-Jitsu, It is not only a sport but a lifestyle. Anyone that gets involved in martial arts to make money will be terribly disappointed, One must love to teach and have a love for your students. Used as self-defense, the style has saved me from dangerous situations on many occasions.

Our club is not only about students and sensei’s, the relationship is one of family. We all care and look out for one another and there is a comfort in knowing that in the difficult times you stand in front, with a legion of brothers and sisters behind you.

Once you enter a tatami (mats), there is no longer gender, race, age, You respect the belt that you teacher or training partners are wearing. It is the one place where hierarchy and rank is still practiced and respected.

The highlight of running a school is when you get to a competition and you see how your students have learned and improved and their success is the clubs success.